How to Clean Car Windshield Wiper Blades

Car owners who love staying on an open road knows and understand well how dirty a wind shield and wipers can get sometimes. In most cases this dirt on the windshields and wipers can cause very high extents of streaking on the windshield thereby resulting to too many times replacing of the wipers than it is needed. To avoid this, the car windshield wipers need to be cleaned often maybe once or twice a week. For a cleverer person this can be done by the kids helping out or even the involved individual doing it himself. In the following discussion we are going to look on some of the ways in which a car windshield wiper can be cleaned.

Soaking the windshield and the wiper blades with water and lifting them the wipers off from the windshield. Soaking is usually done to ensure that the dirty is made easy to be removed from the wipers blades and the windshield. When doing this cleaning, one is normally not required to use a hard soap especially on the wiper blades as this may result to breaking of the rubber and even sometimes dirtying the rubber click here.

Work on the windshield in two parts

rain x wiper blades
The rain x wiper blades

When doing the cleaning of the windshield one should ensure that the cleaning is even so that he can achieve maximum length of cleanliness. When cleaning it on your way in from both sides one can even use alternative motion so that he can know where he left the last stroke. This will ensure that both involved strokes are catered for and the windshield is cleaned perfectly.

Use of fine steel wool

Fine steel wool is used in gently cleaning and removing the bird poop and other residue that may have been left on the windshield. When doing this one is supposed to use small strokes to ensure that the glass is not scratched in the process. The steel wool is also a good material because it is friendly with the windshield glass.

Make use of a regular newspaper or coffee filter paper when doing dry up and polish. When doing this, circular strokes are mostly the required ones. Newspapers or coffee filter paper are highly recommended to cloth rags mainly because the cloth rags tend to leave behind some sort of fibers which ultimately dirties the windshield and the rain x wiper blades.