Benefits of Sleeping Well

Benefits of Sleeping Well

Now I lay me down to sleep, these are the beautiful words that have comforted every person around the world no matter their age at some time in their life. From the softness of laying on someone skin to pulling up the covers on a cold night, no other feeling of letting go has been easier than closing your eyes and letting your body and mind succumb to the relaxation of slumber.

Sleeping Well

Sleep is a motherly vessel that holds you against her bosom and transports you to the future as a new day arrives. She can be the comforting friend that holds you when you had a bad day and all you want to do is cry. She has never placed judgement on you when you call her to be with you, she has only every welcomed you with open arms. She at times may have a temper and want to fight causing you to toss and turn, cursing her name, but in the end she apologizes and does her best to calm you and carry you off to the land of dreams and fantasy. She has also been known as a trickster and acting like a child, sneaking up on you when you least at expect it. She chuckles and smirks as she lays her fingers across your eyes making them dance to her lullaby. She will lie across your lap making you support her weight in your arms, but she has learned to move quickly away as her body becomes too heavy and your limbs give way and fall to your side. When she puts her playfulness aside, it is easy to see that she has always loved you and will continue to be by your side even when you think she has left you helpless and alone.


She has always had to fight with her eternal enemy of insomnia, but she knows that as long as she lives, she will always conquer over him and once again have you all to herself. She does everything that she can to make you love her when you two are together, because she knows that when the time comes and you must awake, that she is going to be without you. Eternity is a long time to someone when they don’t know when they are going to see you again. Her eternal love was always yours from the time that she was there with you in the womb, wrapped in her blanket as the sound of your mother’s heart beat soothed you and her heart will break, but just for a moment when it comes times to take your last breath, because she knows that even though you may have left the physical world, your eternal slumber gives her peace as you will always be by her side even when the morning comes.